Stylish Solutions to a Home Office

home office with computer on desk, books on built-in shelves, and potted plants

Have you been feeling like you are spending more time at home lately? Across the nation, people are finding ways to settle into their abodes in a whole new way. For some, that presents a new challenge in delineating the work and home boundaries time wise and space wise.

Setting up your home office on the couch and utilizing the coffee table or your lap as a desk has some distinct advantages for a cozy morning at home, but that kind of arrangement gets old quickly when trying to sustain it for an entire workday.

Thankfully there are some great ways to carve out an inviting office niche in your place, no additional room needed, that you will look forward to shuffling into your slippers every morning.

Bring on the Sunshine

When choosing a spot for your home office it makes sense to gravitate to an area where you will be able to bask in natural light. Studies have shown that being exposed to natural light increases the ability to focus and extends focus time. You’ll be more productive and the work day will pass quickly!

Splurge on Seating

There’s a whole lot of science behind ergonomics in the workplace, but let’s keep things simple and insist on a really nice chair. A borrow from the kitchen table isn’t going to do you any favors. Look for one that provides ample support, as well as the ability to adjust height so you can be poised over your keyboard effortlessly. A chair mat underneath is must for ultimate mobility.

Ring in the Lighting

In the world of online meetings, you are going to find a ring light is the perfect solution for one touch, reliable lighting. They boast affordability, easy set up and just the right amount of light to make you look professional and alert. The halo effect can also minimize any background clutter. Not having to clean the entire apartment for an 8am meeting? Priceless.

Utilize Your Vertical

To keep the footprint small, consider adding shelves and other storage up the wall surface rather than spreading laterally. Neat, labeled storage boxes will ensure that you have all that you need within easy reach.

Don’t Shy Away From Color

One of the easiest ways to separate a space is to utilize a secondary color. You can do this in a variety of ways, by painting the wall, adding a feature piece of artwork, or purchasing a fun removable wallpaper. To further make the space stand alone, use freestanding screens or curtains to mark the territory as OFFICE.

If you’ve found the perfect solution to working from home, share a picture with your neighbors on our Facebook page! We love to see how people are making their Gramercy Row home work for them both inside and outside of the work week.