Ready for Roanoke’s 50th Annual Festival in the Park?

Hundreds of people at a concert at night, lights in the background

Tips for Making the Most of Your Festival Experience

Roanoke’s 50th Annual Festival in the Park is coming up this month: May 25th-27th. This three day, can’t-miss favorite for residents and visitors, alike, hosts a plethora of fun things to do for all ages. Whether you’re heading to Elmwood Park for the live music, great food, arts and crafts, or all of the above, these tips will help you make the most of this quintessential Roanoke experience:

Pack for success.

Grab a backpack or a tote bag, and toss in a few of these essentials: sunscreen (single use sunscreen packs are lightweight and fabulous), water or water bottles to fill, bug spray, a fully charged back up battery (in case your phone runs out of juice as fast as ours does when we’re snapping so many pics), wet wipes for damage control of all kinds (including that last bit of powdered sugar from the funnel cake), and a few healthy snacks to get you through between meals. A light blanket for the grassy venues always comes in handy, or a packable poncho can double as a clean, dry place to sit. Finally, don’t forget to stash a few ibuprofen or allergy meds—these will save the day if you feel a headache coming on, or the beautiful outdoors decides to bring on a case of the sneezes.

Evaluate your attire.

Comfort and layers are the name of the game when dressing for any outdoor event. The temperature fluctuations between the noon band and the one you’re dancing away to in the evening means a light sweater or jacket left in the car may come in handy after the sun goes down. Ditch the heels and flip flops for a comfortable pair of tennis shoes or sandals, and if the conditions will be muddy, add a back up pair of shoes and socks. A hat will keep the midday rays off your face, and definitely don’t forget the sunglasses! Switching handbags to a light and easy crossbody bag or purse will keep things accessible and ensure your stellar dance moves won’t be hindered.

Plan your priorities.

With four music stages, numerous food options, children’s activities, arts and crafts shows, and the Eclectic Market, your time would be well spent doing a little research in advance. Peruse the vendor lists and the concert line-ups, and make a few notes on how to make the most of your weekend. Snap a pic of your list and share with your friends so they know where to find you throughout the festival—the more the merrier!

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See you there!