Happy New Year, Healthy New You

silhouetted woman performs high kick on beach at sunset

Our Favorite Wellness Trends for 2017

It’s finally January, which means it’s New Year’s Resolutions time! How long is your list for 2017? Does it include getting into shape, getting healthier, or just getting into a better state of mind and body, in general? Over the last several years, there has been an increased focus on personal health and wellness including yoga and meditation, juice cleanses, scientific diets, and individualized meal plans.

While there is no exact measure for the ideal body, the overall movement toward treating our bodies with more care continues to grow. It’s easy to predict this movement will continue in 2017 with the continuous addition of even more exciting and accessible ways of getting mind, body, and soul into shape. After scouring the web for professional guides and opinions, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite wellness trends for 2017:

  • Sensory overload. One of the more intriguing trends we’ve encountered is the integration of multiple senses in yoga, meditation, and therapy practices. Sound, scent, texture, visualization, and even taste have started making their way into wellness studios around the country. Infrared saunas, which permeate the body to raise its core temperature thereby soothing muscles and joints and creating deeper levels of relaxation and detox have become popular. There is also flotation therapy which is said to reduce anxiety, depression, and pain, as well as sound baths that use a combination of meditation and soothing notes from crystal bowls which are “played” in various patterns in order to reduce pain and anxiety and help with sleep disorders. Heightened sensory experiences are definitely a trend to watch and perhaps try out for yourself.
  • Scientifically-personalized nutrition and fitness plans. For years, doctors and scientists have been telling us certain genetic factors affect how we each process and store energy, which in turn, affects how we lose weight and keep ourselves healthy. Enter DNA into the health and wellness equation and you will find health benefits you never thought were possible! There are certain companies out there; Habit and DNAfit, for example, which gather your DNA samples to help tailor-fit a health plan to your specific needs. No more guess work!
  • Mushrooms. This one’s not really new. In fact, it’s quite ancient. The healing powers of many types of fungi have been called upon practically since the beginning of time, but in a world where the synthetic and overly processed reign supreme, the benefits of this simple organism have been nearly forgotten. However, certain species of mushroom have been shown to reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar levels, and even fight cancer. They contain lots of vitamin D and stimulate production of white blood cells, helping the body to fight off toxins and pathogens. Not a mushroom fan? No worries—you can find this superfood in powders, pills, and even bottled juices or smoothies.
  • Protein, protein, protein. More and more studies are showing that a) protein is a highly important part of one’s diet, and b) most Americans do not get nearly as much protein each day as they should. Any nutritional coach will stress the importance of getting enough protein, but it’s not always easy or cheap to do so. It is also not practical for most people to eat an entire chicken each day. Luckily for those of us struggling with this issue, more and more products are becoming available to boost our daily protein intake. Pea, hemp, and whey proteins seem to be on the rise, with healthy and affordable options available in places like Target or Wal-Mart, and in local grocery stores. Add them to your smoothies, baked goods, and oatmeal. Or look for them on the menu in trendy restaurants around the country. And not only are these types of protein good for your health, they’re good for the environment, too!
  • Nurturing your inner introvert. Gen Xers may feel they’re missing out if they stay at home on a Friday or Saturday night, but younger generations seem to be placing a higher emphasis on the need to get some quality down time by decompressing and focusing on self-care rather than socialization. A night on the town can be fun and energizing, but going out every weekend can be a drain on funds AND energy. The trend for “girls/guys night in” seems to be on the rise, and there is no longer any shame attached to forgoing a wild night out in favor of time with a good book or some Netflix binging.
  • Minimalism. This trend covers a fairly wide range of lifestyle choices. From buying only the bare necessities, to choosing simpler/cheaper/more environmentally and socially-conscious clothing, to foregoing makeup in favor of a more authentic look, this trend is all about giving blind consumerism a pass and living a more conscious, deliberate life in order to spend more time and energy on experiences and relationships, rather than things.

However you decide to kickstart 2017, we wish you a very happy, healthy, mindful new year!