Dust Off that Bike and Hit the Road

A person rides a bike up a steep road with mountains and clouds in the background

Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains certainly has its perks. Roanoke is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation (biased much? Oh yes, we are!) as well as a vibrant city life. When it comes to making the most of enjoying the surrounding areas many in our city reach for their wheels—their bicycle wheels that is.

Whether you are the most meandering and casual of cyclists or a serious, hardcore rider there are paths and trails for everyone to be found in close proximity to the city center. If you’re engaged in the cycling life here you may already have favorite destinations and go-to spots. If you’re new on the scene you can find a huge number of resources to help you get started.

The top three cycling spots in the area are widely considered to be the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Roanoke Valley Greenways, and the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. Each has its own perks when it comes to a leisurely or more serious day on the bike.

Blue Ridge Parkway

469 miles of beautiful roadway, what more could an outdoor enthusiast ask for? Amazing views and a variety of elevations mean this may not be the place for the newest of newbies, but when you’re ready for a challenge it will not disappoint. Riders on the Blue Ridge Parkway share the road with motor vehicles so do some research on how to best navigate safely.

Roanoke Valley Greenways

The Greenways were born nearly 25 years ago and continue to evolve into one of the greatest assets of the city. With 30 miles of pathways to walk, run, and bike, you are sure to enjoy your explorations. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy along the way, and plan on taking in both scenery and people-watching as you traverse the miles.

TransAmerica Bicycle Trail

If you ever wanted to head out the door and bike for 4,000 miles or so, this is the place to be. The route consists of 12 sections stretching from Oregon to the Virginia shoreline. A true bucket list destination for the diehard cyclists among us, it is also accessible for those who would like to enjoy a fraction of its miles for a day trip. Be sure to check out the maps of the area when planning your adventure on the trail.

From a ten mile route to four thousand and ten, you just can’t beat Roanoke for cycling adventures. Bike clubs, bike shops, and bike trails populate the outdoor living scene in and around the city. If you’re ready to get started, tune up that bike and hit the open road. It’s a slice of freedom and excitement rolled into one tiny seat.