Decorate on a Dime

Apartment Decor photos of birds and flowers against grey wall

There’s no better way to make a house (or an apartment) feel like a home than to add some personal touches. Moving into a new home already costs quite a bit of money, though, and when it comes to decorating…well, it can get downright pricey. So, save your money for your next vacation, and get creative with these budget-friendly tips:


Plants add life to any room. Forget the flowers and choose simple green foliage, instead. Not only do these plants tend to cost less and last longer, they add a simple and modern touch to any room. And for those who cook, creating a small herb garden on your windowsill means saving money on groceries, too! Visit your local nursery and ask for tips on which kinds of greenery thrive best in your apartment’s particular lighting conditions.


Lighting really can make or break a room. Too dark, too yellow, too harsh…all these can make a space quite uninviting. Lighten things up with lamps from consignment shops or garage sales. Look for bases with interesting, raised patterns, and then paint them with a fun accent color. A perfectly placed lamp adds pop and pizzazz to a room—without breaking the bank!


Feeling sick and tired and bored with your home? You may not need to spend tons of money on new decorations—a fresh coat of paint can transform even the dullest of rooms. Pick light and breezy colors for spaces that seem too small, or darker, bolder colors to add drama to an accent wall. If you’re feeling especially creative, consider adding a touch of design with striped or patterned walls. And no need to keep the paint to just the walls—staining or painting your furniture is a great way to give a room a facelift.


A well-placed mirror can make any room look much larger and airier, with the minimal amount of money and effort. Prop a large, framed mirror against the wall, or grab several small mirrored tiles (typically found for cheap at hardware or hobby stores) and hang them in a grid or pattern to create a fun, modern wall hanging. Pair with fairy lights to create an ethereal, romantic look.


Are you an avid collector of mugs, rocks, shells, knick knacks…? Don’t hide them away in cupboards or boxes—arrange them on shelves or side tables to add color and personality to your home. You love the things you love for a reason. Put them front and center where they’ll bring you joy every day!

Focal Point

Whether it’s a lighting fixture, a piece of art, or even a shelf, a focal point ties the whole room together. Choose a large picture you love (you can have something printed off for fairly cheap at a FedEx Office or local print shop) or add shelves with personal items like colorful books, old clocks, and family photos.

What are your favorite ways to decorate on a dime? Send us photos—we love to see how our residents make their Gramercy Row apartment their home!