Create a Bedroom Retreat

a bouquet of white flowers sits on a nightstand next to a white bed

Reading, working, relaxing, television watching, and oh yes…even sleeping; we spend about ⅓ of our lives in the bedroom. It’s a multitasking space, for sure, but by including a few key essentials, you can make it a retreat that you’ll look forward to entering at the end of each day.


First off, let’s consider the furniture basics. The key pieces each bedroom should include are a bed (of course), a bench or chair (add a desk if you tend to work in the space), dressers, and nightstands. Since quality bedroom furniture tends to be timeless, consider dedicating some time and money towards buying pieces that will last you many years. If your tastes change you can easily mix things up with the bedding—we’ll talk more about that next.

Nightstands are essential for easy access to all the things you’d rather not get up for after you’re snuggled down. Where else are you going to put your glass of water (consider a covered carafe so you don’t have to leave your cozy sanctuary for refills), phone charging cord, books or mags, and remote?

A chair for reading and working, if space allows, will be a comfy addition and a convenient spot for tossing clothes onto when you are too tired to put them away properly. Look for something with a fun pattern to match your decor, or a piece you can paint a funky color. Who says your furniture can’t be useful AND decorative?


The linens are perhaps the most fun part of any bedroom retreat. Consider planning for the seasons by adding or subtracting layers as you go along throughout the year. A fluffy down comforter can be switched out in the spring for a light coverlet. Pillows are important for in-bed TV watching and reading. Shop for nice bolsters for resting against, or choose a bed with a padded headboard for optimum comfort.

Everyone has their own preference for sheets, but the bottom line is they should be smooth, soft, and comfortable. If your mattress has begun to reach the end of its life, but your budget doesn’t allow for new one, take a look at the many mattress pads available that will add a few years—and lots of comfort—to the life of this most important item. Have fun with colors and textures. The bedding items are relatively cheap and easy to replace and accent.


Lighting is another consideration that can make or break the bedroom atmosphere. If you don’t have overhead lighting, plan for a standing lamp to get that much-needed glow. A lamp on each nightstand will help reduce eye strain when you’re reading or relaxing, especially if they are outfitted with three way capability. Stepping outside the bedroom for a second, a nightlight in the bathroom is a great addition for middle of the night trips and will interfere less with your sleep rhythms than switching on the blinding overheads.


Every room should have a place for clothes—clean and dirty and those that are deemed in between (ie: you’ll grab them if desperate). Stackable hanging shelves make the most of closet space, and a hamper with sections for light and dark will make laundry day easy as pie. If you’re redoing your space, take an afternoon to minimize and donate the clothes you no longer wear. Chance are you won’t miss them, and you’ll welcome the absence of clutter.


Finally—and most importantly—add your personality! Bedrooms can be minimal but still possess plenty of style. Hang a collection of favorite pics by the bed, choose a great piece of artwork for a facing wall, scent the room with calming aromatherapy candles. The bedroom is often the last space to be decorated and is often neglected entirely, because it’s not seen by guests. But this is such a mistake! Make the space your very own and just see how great it makes you feel.

Sweet dreams!