The Haunted Hills of Roanoke Valley

A ghostly shadow is visible behind frosted glass, its hand pressed against the surface in clear relief

Our Favorite Ghost Stories from Roanoke and Beyond It should come as no surprise that Virginia—with all its centuries of history—might have its fair share of ghosts. From skirmishes between native American tribes, to skirmishes between native Americans and colonists, to hundreds of Civil War battles, Virginia’s soil is soaked  More »

The Farm-to-Table Connection

The Farm-to-Table Connection Roanoke

Fresh, Local, Farm-to-Table Fare in the Heart of Roanoke Valley In recent years, Americans have experienced a burgeoning interest in anything and everything local—shopping local, eating local…farming local. And with good reason! Not only does supporting local endeavors help the economy and create more self-reliant communities, choosing the farm-to-table option  More »